As you well know, roofs are not fun to deal with. Why do they wear out?

The primary culprit in roof deterioration is ultraviolet radiation! Foot traffic, rain, high winds and cold weather are secondary factors in roof fatigue. Regardless of the integrity of your roof’s original installation, inadequate solar protection will substantially reduce its service life. Protecting your roof will increase its life by at least one third


Costly roof failures are almost always preventable.

  • Inspect or have your roof system inspected twice a year.
  • Look for danger signs.
  • Excessive “pounding” 72 hours after rainfall indicates poor drainage. While your roof system is designed to keep outside water from getting inside, it is not designed to store water. This accelerates erosion, adds weight and increases roof stress.
  • Cracks in the membrane near rooftop air conditioning and heating units are a cause for concern, particularly where installations are not supported by structural members.
  • Bubbles or “air pockets” in the membrane mean poor adherence of the system to the roof deck, or air moisture beneath surface. Foot traffic or further expansion of roofing materials may cause surface penetrations.
  • Perimeter flashings and accessory materials such as sheet metal and elastromeric expansion joints are stress point junctures. These need to be checked for damage, such as cracking and deterioration of caulking materials.
  • “Depressions,” or areas of the roof that feel “spongy,” usually indicate wet, deteriorated roof insulation.

These are but a few of many problems that can, over time, affect your roof’s life. For more information, call us today.


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